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Going Slow in Caye Caulker

View from the beachHello! We have been in Caye Caulker for the last two days and are sad to be leaving this chill island town tomorrow. Caye Caulker is about 45 minute ferry ride from Belize City (two-hour ride from San Ignacio). It is a small limestone island about 5 miles long and less than a mile wide. It is mostly a back packer tourist town but also has a thriving fishing community. Many of the locals still support themselves this way.

Some of the sitesOur big plan for day one was Laundry, Rum Punch, and relaxing on the beach. By 11 am we were on the beach, had the laundry dropped off, and a beer and rum punch drink next to us. The day was going to be good. Punch was followed by a relaxing massage on the beach, which was followed by more punch. We did nothing that day. In the evening, we met up with an Australian pair we had met on the ferry for supper. Most of the restaurants on the island have a Caribbean flair and advertise various catches of the day as specials. Barracuda and Lobster were the big ones that evening. I of course had chicken while everyone else tasted what the Belize fisherman had caught. We concluded our stressful day with a stop at the islands single nightclub, I&I the reggae bar.

The following day we had booked a full day tour, which took us in search of Manatees, sea cows, and to the reef to snorkel. Originally, we had thought that we were going to be able to swim with the Manatees. This was not the case; Manatees are apparently on the endangered species list and are threatening extinction because they have no natural way of defending themselves in the wild. Therefore, they are protected and there for my original plans of chasing after one and dragging it back to Canada were crushed.

The Manatee coming up for airManatees seem like pretty cool creatures, they live to 30-40 years, weight 800-1200 pounds, and can be 8-12 ft long. Fatties. They are super shy and slow moving. We traveled in a speedboat 45 minutes to reach the protected area for the Manatees. It took a while but finally a small nose popped up near our boat. Within seconds, it was gone again. Our captain maneuvered our boat with a long pole to try to get us closer to the manatee without scaring it away. You mostly see the shape and light color of their body as they come close to the surface to breath. We managed to get close to one when it came up to breath. Their noses look like they were squished back into their faces by a door or something. Overall, they are pretty damn cute. In another spot, we kept seeing sand getting stirred up in different spots close to the boat. Apparently, this is signs that several manatees are playing with each other. Shortly after we saw four come up together before diving back to finish their game.

After lunch, we stopped along the barrier reef to snorkel. The coral is large in spots so you need to be careful not to bash up against it. I saw tones of bright colored finish as well as sand colored stingray. It was pretty need to see fish chasing each other around the color lumps.

Caye CaulkerTomorrow we are leaving on a three-day sailing adventure down the coast of Belize. I am uber excited to some days in the sun on the water. We will be stopping to camp at different islands and we will have loads more opportunities to snorkel as we travel down the coast. I just bought an underwater camera so hopefully I will be able to share some sweet pictures of the activity under the sea.

Talk to you all in a few days when we are back on shore!

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