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1. 2012 Placenia Lobsterfest Photography Belize in Social Media alt Photos from the 2012 Placencia lobsterfest in Belize. See on www.facebook.com
2. Kriol Word of the Day: balbamowt alt

usage: Sohn blabamowt gaahn tel mi waif how Ah mi deh wid laydi.

Translation: Visit the site.

See on www.kriolwordoftheday.com
3. Shark Ray Alley - National Geographic Photo alt
Great photo from NGS.   "...A little bit of paradise is found 15 minutes from the mainland by plane, 30 minutes by water taxi. Caye Caulker, five miles long and a half mile wide, is a place of swaying palms, white sandy beaches (unusual for Belize), and warm waters..." Via travel.nationalgeographic.com